Come together while our guitars gently weep: (back into singing)



My concerts tour hand-in-hand with the Venezuelan musicians Alejandro Guillén (guitars) and Omar Córdova (percussion) has just begun. Our repertoire is mainly made of covers of traditional Latin American and Spanish songs together with versions of jazz, blues and rock classics (an in-depth list of our most recurrently played songs can be found in this project's specific section). However, we always adapt the track list to each event, venue and audience. By doing that, our format becomes apt for both enormous celebrations with great dancing aspirations in the air and for more intimate occasions aimed to raise up different sorts of melancholies, calms, inhibitions.


The premiere of this project took place on May 22, at the pub The Big Benin the city centre of Stockholm. More playing dates will be soon announced.


Theretofore thou can listen to and watch (we've made it available in both video and only-audio formats) a live demo including excerpts from our covers of Lonely boy (The Black Keys), Bésame mucho (as sung by Luis Miguel), Gracias a la vida (Violeta Parra), Creep (Radiohead) and Chan Chan (Buena Vista Social Club):



Below, you'll find our promotional poster:




Should you like the music we play and want to hire us for any kind of event, don't hesitate to contact me via or by using the form you'll find at (How) TO CONTACT ME


¡Let's all come together while our guitars (and drums) gently weep!

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