My concerts tour hand-in-hand with the Venezuelan musicians Alejandro Guillén (guitars) and Omar Córdova (percussion) has just begun. Our repertoire is mainly made of covers of traditional Latin American and Spanish songs together with versions of jazz, blues and rock classics (an in-depth list of our most recurrently played songs can be found in this project's specific section). However, we always adapt the track list to each event, venue and audience. By doing that, our format becomes apt for both enormous celebrations with great dancing aspira...


Welcome to the English version of my website!

I'll be moving to Sweden soon. This change and my aim to internationalize my work have urged me to enable an English version of my webpage. After some weeks of work, I'm glad to announce that it is finally available!

To access it, you can click on the English button you'll find in the Home page or on the icon displayed under the menu buttons in the sections (News) or (Novedades).

From now on, every new regarding my creations and my collaborations will be published both in a post on the English site and a...

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